Knowledge center

Product Designer @ WorkJam
Project Overview
To enhance WorkJam's offerings by introducing a comprehensive Knowledge Center module, providing clients with a centralized digital space for storing, managing, and sharing knowledge transfer documents, company SOPs, policies, guidelines, and best practices with employees.
My Contributions
As a senior product designer, I spearheaded the design of WorkJam's Knowledge Center module. Responsible for UI/UX, I crafted an intuitive interface, implemented card logic, and designed an efficient document approval workflow. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, I aligned design goals with project objectives.
Knowledge center - WorkJam
Product Designer
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
The challenge :
WorkJam customers were searching for workarounds within WJ (like using Training Center as a document repository) to effectively share documentation (like company policies, best practices, COVID guidelines, etc.) with their frontline. This is inefficient for both Content Management staff and for the frontline. It also limits them in functionality that would come from a true document repository system and provides unnecessary functionality like assessments. In creating a true document repository, we’re enabling clients to step away from inefficient workarounds and use the Training module for trainings, as it was originally designed.
The solution
The proposed solution involves designing a seamless administrative experience mirroring the employee view, ensuring a clear understanding of the document flow. The interface incorporates a user-friendly structure, grouping folders and files logically. Utilizing drag-and-drop cards, administrators can easily organize documents, placing folders within each other or files within folders. The system allows for quick addition and editing of files/folders, implementing restrictions, and scheduling targeted file displays for specific audiences. This approach eliminates inefficient workarounds, allowing clients to use the Training module as intended for trainings, enhancing overall document management efficiency.