Target Audience 2.0

Elevating WorkJam's Target Audience Module
Product Designer @ WorkJam
Project Overview
WorkJam's client Woolworths has the need to distribute surveys, training and communications to a distinct lists of employees that cannot be created by the current filters in TA. As a work around, they are currently uploading a list of employees to badges and then using the badges to create the TA. This creates additional work for their team and confusion in the field around the badges that have no meaning.
My Contributions
I focused on introducing manual interaction capabilities, fixing the filter section, and setting up the dynamic members page. These enhancements ensure a more flexible and efficient process for managing and engaging target audiences in WorkJam, marking a significant improvement in user capabilities and interaction flexibility. The dynamic members page now better distinguishes between manually added members or others that meet filter criteria, and provides advanced search, filter, and organization.
Enhancing the Target Audience Module
In the realm of WorkJam, the Target Audience module stands as a crucial tool for reaching distinct groups of people based on various criteria. As a product designer on this journey, I have envisioned and implemented significant upgrades to elevate the functionalities, performance, layout, filtering criteria, and the ability to manually add new employees to the list.

Manual Addition: Empowering Control Over Audiences
To enhance flexibility, the revamped Target Audience module allows manual addition of individuals who may not fit any predefined criteria. Users can seamlessly add people one-by-one or in bulk by uploading a CSV file. The outcome is a user-friendly, two-tab web page, providing details on one tab and the number of members on the other.

Filter Section Revamp: Unveiling the Query Builder
In response to user needs, the filters section undergoes a substantial revamp. Leveraging the newly introduced query builder from another module, users can now enjoy a more intuitive and efficient filtering experience.

Members Page Transformation: Enhanced Visibility and Functionality
Members are now showcased on a dynamic tabbed page, clearly indicating those added manually or through filtered criteria. This new page introduces advanced search options within the members, coupled with improved filters and sorting functionalities.

A Holistic Upgrade for Target Audiences
In conclusion, the redesign of the Target Audience module at WorkJam marks a significant leap forward. The manual addition feature, revamped filters section, and the dynamic members page collectively contribute to a more powerful and user-friendly experience. As a product designer, these enhancements aim to provide users with unparalleled control and visibility over their target audiences.
Revolutionizing Target Audiences at WorkJam:
A Product Designer's Perspective
2022 — 2023