Véronique Comtois
Product Designer currently @ WorkJam

Hey there! I’m a tech savvy Product Designer based in Montreal

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Product Design
Data visualization
Product design
Target Audience 2.0
Product design
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Web design & development

My experience

I'm excited to connect with fellow professionals, explore new opportunities, and contribute my skills to collaborative projects. Feel free to contact me or connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's work together to create innovative and impactful projects!

Product Designer (UX/UI)
June 2021 — now
Mango Software Inc.
Web Integrator / Designer UI/UX
Nov 2019 — Oct 2021
New World Laboratories
Front-end Dev  / Designer UI/UX
Avr 2016 — July 2018
Web Integrator / Designer UI/UX
Jan 2009 — now

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